We strive to accommodate the most professional facility possible with the financial assets available to each independent project.  In other words, we believe that each and every project can be accomplished in one way or another regardless of budget.  Whether building a home studio or designing a major commercial facility, DAS works on each project from beginning to end, keeping a clear perspective on budget at all times.  Further, it is important for us to focus on customizing the specific system for current needs while also considering the needs of the future for each project.  Overall, we proudly specialize in making "dreams come true" for anyone interested in the sensation of the audio world.



​Dynamic Audio Solutions (DAS) was established to assist and facilitate individuals, as well as businesses with their audio, video, and lighting needs.  With decades of professional audio expertise, DAS specializes in consulting, designing, installation and training at all levels.  Founder and owner, Rob Russell has worked throughout the country as a producer, music engineer, and studio design specialist for over 25 years.  His knowledge and expertise has gained national recognition with loyal customers from Los Angeles to New York.  To learn more about DAS, click on "About Us" at the top of this page.